Nominations for Area 1 Director


The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District hereby provides notice that it is receiving nominations to fill the vacant Director position for Area 1 of the District. The term of Area 1 Director, Joseph Cleveland, expires at the annual meeting on February 13, 2018. The new term for the office is a four (4) year term. The qualifications for the office are as follows: the nominee for Director of Area 1 must be a freeholder of Area 1 of the District or an officer or a nominee of a corporate freeholder of Area 1 of the District. All nominees must be qualified by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to the development of the District.  The nominations for Director must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least five (5) freeholders from Area 1.  A nomination form with area 1 map is available for download from the District’s website,  The nominations for Director must be mailed to the Lake DeTurk Conservancy District at PO Box 1149, Martinsville, Indiana 46151. Nominations are valid if delivered or postmarked by December 1, 2017, the mailing envelop has sufficient U.S. postage, and the mailing envelop is addressed to the District’s mailing address.

Charles Wood,
Chairman, Lake DeTurk Conservancy District

Byram Park Improvement Plan Survey


The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District (LDCD) Board of Directors needs your feedback to help with the Byram Park improvement plan. Please complete an online survey to share your views regarding what components/activities you would like in the Park. The Board will use your answers and comments to create a final improvement design. Green3, the contractor hired by the Board to coordinate the improvement plan, has provided draft designs in pdf format for your review.

This survey should take about 10-15 minutes of your time. You can only take the survey once, but you can edit your responses until the survey is closed on June 23, 2017. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

The Board will present survey results at their 7:00pm meeting Tuesday, July 11 at the First Christian Church. Everyone is welcome to attend the board meeting to present their ideas, comments and concerns regarding the Byram Park improvement plan

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please send an email to or complete the contact form on our Lake DeTurk website

To access the survey, you may click on the following link or add this URL to your browser. There are also links available from the Lake DeTurk website to the survey and draft plans.

Take the survey

Thank you for your help,

LDCD Board of Directors

District restrictive covenants

Residents have recently sent the Lake DeTurk Conservancy District Board a number of inquiries regarding District rules and regulations. The Board is sending this email to inform District freeholders of Shireman Estates restrictive covenants which apply to current residents of the Conservancy District.

Covenant #8 does not permit the raising of poultry or livestock on any lot.

Covenant # 10 does not permit noxious or offensive activity on any lot or anything which may be or may become a nuisance to the neighborhood.

To read or download a copy of the Shireman Estates restrictive covenants, please visit this URL.

The Board appreciates the compliance of all residents with these restrictive covenants.
The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District Board

2016 Annual Letter to Owners

February 27, 2016

This letter is the LDCD Board’s annual USPS mailing to owners. Included is your 2016 courtesy ID card and important District information. Please read this letter closely and follow-up with appropriate actions as this information concerns you, a Freeholder of LDCD. To minimize costs the Board primarily uses digital methods to communicate to owners such as our website and emails.

  1. Courtesy Cards – Included in this envelope is your 2016 LDCD ID card. The Board requires you carry this card to identify yourself, family members, and guests when using LDCD common areas such as the beach or lake. You may make copies.
  2. Contact Form on Website – Information provided by our website and emails is important to you as a property owner in LDCD. If you do not receive LDCD emails, please use the website’s contact form and provide your email address. The Board will include your address in LDCD’s group email distribution list. If your email changes, let us know. If you know a neighbor who does not have or use a computer, help them by sharing information, or let the Board know of their special need.
  3. Watercraft Registration and Rules – All watercraft owners using equipment on Lake DeTurk must register their craft with LDCD, display a LDCD decal on the watercraft, and file an annual certificate of insurance with LDCD. Insurance companies provide certificates free of charge. An example of a properly completed certificate, the watercraft registration form, and watercraft policy are available from our website.
  4. Vehicle Hang Tags – All vehicles parked in a LDCD common area must display a LDCD hang tag. The Board distributed hang tags in 2013 to all owners. The tags do not expire and may be moved between a resident’s vehicles. If you are new to LDCD or need a tag, please contact the Board via the website contact form.
  5. Dam Maintenance Project – To assure the safety of the Lake DeTurk Dam and to meet regulatory requirements, the Board is currently bidding a contract to repair the dam and spillway. Work is expected to begin mid-summer.
  6. 2015 Accomplishments and Financial Report – The Board presented these documents at the annual meeting and has included them in this mailing.

Please stay informed by using the LDCD website, signing up for LDCD emails, attending monthly Board meetings, and communicating with your Area Board representative.

Thank you,              Ron Reinhart – LDCD Board Chairman and Area 2 Representative

Speed Limits


Several residents have commented to LDCD Board members that cars frequently exceed the posted speed limit when driving in our neighborhood. All the streets have speed limits posted of 30 mph except Grassyfork Lane between Byram Blvd and the middle of the dam which is 20 mph.

Please be aware of the speed you are traveling for the safety of pedestrians, bicyclers, and children. It is easy to go over 20 or 30 mph with the LDCD terrain. Also, caution anyone in your household who drives to think about their speed and SLOW DOWN.

LDCD Board

Tennis Courts Removal

Progress is being made with plans to remove the old tennis courts. You will see activity in late August and into September to that end. Green3, an expert firm in environmental design and landscape architecture is developing a plan for that common area. A meeting has been held with residents closest to the area, and another meeting open to all residents will be announced via this email system at a later date. Also, after a bid process, a contractor (Huey Excavating) has been selected to backfill and level the area.

Please address any questions you might have to a board member, or use the website form.

Our next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday evening August 12th at the First Christian Church at 7pm.

Ron Reinhart
LDCD Chairman

LDCD Policies and Hangtags


The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District’s (LDCD) common areas are private. Only LDCD property owners and their guests may use the beaches, Lake DeTurk, or other common areas. All property owners are required to have a 2014 LDCD courtesy identification card with them when using the common areas. LDCD property owners must accompany their guests and a responsible adult must accompany children.

Parking of resident vehicles or watercraft on the dam, beach or common areas is permitted only in parking areas or as safely as possible along the street.  Vehicles must display a resident hang tag on the rearview mirror.  Any vehicle not displaying a hang tag shall be considered trespassing and the Martinsville Police may be called.

After launching your boat, please park vehicles in the parking area on the west beach, not on the grass or on the boat launch road.

If you have lost the hangtag provided to each LDCD resident, you will need to pay $5.00 for a replacement. Mail a $5.00 check payable to “The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District” to

PO Box 1149
Martinsville, IN 46151

The Board will mail you a new hangtag to the mailing address requested. Until you receive a replacement hangtag, you may not park your vehicles at LDCD common areas.

All watercraft on Lake DeTurk must be registered with the LDCD Board and display a LDCD decal. Boats without decals are considered trespassing.

To review LDCD polices, please visit this link.

Please be a good neighbor and comply with these requests.

LDCD Board of Directors

1913 Midwest Flood

Many of us think of the 2008 Martinsville flood as being the 100 year flooding event.  However, the forgotten 1913 flood caused more devastation than Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. This Thursday at 7:30pm, WFYI will air Risky Waters:  Indiana’s Flood History and Future.  Don’t miss the program as the consequences and lessons learned are applicable today. The Silver Jackets also offer more information about the 1913 flood on their website.


Work Day and Watercraft Registration Stickers


First a big THANK YOU to all the folks who turned our for our first Community Work Day on April 20th.  A very nice job of clean-up occurred near the boat launch, including removal of that large fallen tree in the lake.  Amazing what a dozen or so hard workers can do in a few hours.  Thanks again!!  The city did a great job removing the brush quickly as well!

The next meeting of the LDCD Board will by Tuesday evening, May 14th at 7pm at the First Christian Church.

Also note that boat registrations stickers are being distributed to those who applied, lake treatments will begin when adequate water temperature is reached and normal mowing is underway.

Ron Reinhart
LDCD Board Chair

Beach Cleanup

Twelve residents met this past Saturday on a cool, but sunny morning to clean up brush on the west LDCD beach.  Stop by the beach and see the improvement. The group stacked piles of firewood near the work site. Any LDCD resident may pickup some firewood for your personal use (open fires are prohibited on the beach area). The Board will schedule another work day soon as we have much to do to cleanup our common areas.

Ron Reinhart cutting off limbs

Pulling the tree out not easy