2016 Annual Letter to Owners

February 27, 2016

This letter is the LDCD Board’s annual USPS mailing to owners. Included is your 2016 courtesy ID card and important District information. Please read this letter closely and follow-up with appropriate actions as this information concerns you, a Freeholder of LDCD. To minimize costs the Board primarily uses digital methods to communicate to owners such as our website and emails.

  1. Courtesy Cards – Included in this envelope is your 2016 LDCD ID card. The Board requires you carry this card to identify yourself, family members, and guests when using LDCD common areas such as the beach or lake. You may make copies.
  2. Contact Form on Website – Information provided by our website and emails is important to you as a property owner in LDCD. If you do not receive LDCD emails, please use the website’s contact form and provide your email address. The Board will include your address in LDCD’s group email distribution list. If your email changes, let us know. If you know a neighbor who does not have or use a computer, help them by sharing information, or let the Board know of their special need.
  3. Watercraft Registration and Rules – All watercraft owners using equipment on Lake DeTurk must register their craft with LDCD, display a LDCD decal on the watercraft, and file an annual certificate of insurance with LDCD. Insurance companies provide certificates free of charge. An example of a properly completed certificate, the watercraft registration form, and watercraft policy are available from our website.
  4. Vehicle Hang Tags – All vehicles parked in a LDCD common area must display a LDCD hang tag. The Board distributed hang tags in 2013 to all owners. The tags do not expire and may be moved between a resident’s vehicles. If you are new to LDCD or need a tag, please contact the Board via the website contact form.
  5. Dam Maintenance Project – To assure the safety of the Lake DeTurk Dam and to meet regulatory requirements, the Board is currently bidding a contract to repair the dam and spillway. Work is expected to begin mid-summer.
  6. 2015 Accomplishments and Financial Report – The Board presented these documents at the annual meeting and has included them in this mailing.

Please stay informed by using the LDCD website, signing up for LDCD emails, attending monthly Board meetings, and communicating with your Area Board representative.

Thank you,              Ron Reinhart – LDCD Board Chairman and Area 2 Representative