LDCD Policies and Hangtags


The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District’s (LDCD) common areas are private. Only LDCD property owners and their guests may use the beaches, Lake DeTurk, or other common areas. All property owners are required to have a 2014 LDCD courtesy identification card with them when using the common areas. LDCD property owners must accompany their guests and a responsible adult must accompany children.

Parking of resident vehicles or watercraft on the dam, beach or common areas is permitted only in parking areas or as safely as possible along the street.  Vehicles must display a resident hang tag on the rearview mirror.  Any vehicle not displaying a hang tag shall be considered trespassing and the Martinsville Police may be called.

After launching your boat, please park vehicles in the parking area on the west beach, not on the grass or on the boat launch road.

If you have lost the hangtag provided to each LDCD resident, you will need to pay $5.00 for a replacement. Mail a $5.00 check payable to “The Lake DeTurk Conservancy District” to

PO Box 1149
Martinsville, IN 46151

The Board will mail you a new hangtag to the mailing address requested. Until you receive a replacement hangtag, you may not park your vehicles at LDCD common areas.

All watercraft on Lake DeTurk must be registered with the LDCD Board and display a LDCD decal. Boats without decals are considered trespassing.

To review LDCD polices, please visit this link.

Please be a good neighbor and comply with these requests.

LDCD Board of Directors